Colors of Fall Chocolate Brown Poncho


Our popular ponchos are back in time for Fall!  After realizing how well they were loved at the Western Design Conference, we have had several made up to show case and can make more on special orders!  These ponchos have a lovely v-neck front surrounded by a warm and comfortable collar.  They have beautiful drape and feel so good lightly hugging your shoulders.  Lightweight, loose, and did we say warm?  That wonderful alpaca lightness and warmth both.

This Colors of FAll poncho is naturally rich brown alpaca/merino blend felted into an orange silk fabric with multi-colored thick n thin yarn used to give the poncho the splash of color we all love.  And two loop closures with unique handcrafted buttons.  These are shimmering shades of brown, gold, and orange.  Mmmm.

We also have matching Downton Abbey hats available in matching materials.  Please allow three weeks for delivery.



All Whispirit’s scarves and wraps are handmade in New Mexico from a combination of alpaca (75%) and merino wool (25%). We use alpaca from our own herd of 40 some animals, and wool from other New Mexico and US ranchers. Most of our scarves and wraps are needle felted by hand in our fabric design center into a very sheer silk (Silpaca) gauze, using an American-made piece of felting equipment, the FeltLoom. For our scarves and wraps, we hand-dye the fabrics and embellishment fibers. We also use repurposed fabrics to incorporate unique sparkle and shimmer into our scarves and wraps. We finish the scarves and wraps with hand wet felting, using a small amount of water and soap.

Our black, grey, fawn, brown and white fabrics are the natural colors of our herd, which we selectively breed and raise for the most exquisite, high quality fleece. That makes them unique and one of a kind – no two runs of alpaca fabric are the same, therefore no two wraps or scarves are, either.

We design our scarves and wraps to show the creativity and craftsmanship of our designer, Sandy and friends who come over to play. When we add embellishments of silk, wool, buttons or charms, to create specific looks, the vast majority of them are also sourced in the United States.

This commitment to local and American-made makes it possible for us to proudly proclaim that our scarves and wraps and other accessories, jackets, hats and vests are all 100% handcrafted in the USA from barn to closet. Do they cost a little more that imported, machine made garments of lesser quality? Yes, and they are worth it.

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