Two Colors of Chocolate


This unique woman’s winter hat was inspired by the insanely popular BBC/PBS costume series Downton Abbey. Two great tastes – a combination of luxurious chocolate brown and golden fawn alpaca wool – are great together, handfelted into a turquoise cotton scrim fabric. The peaked point brim is fastened with a gold accented black button.

The ideal woman’s alpaca hat for a winter day, one size large (24″) remains. Pair with a matching Kasode Jacket and the matching minibag. Whether you’re a milk or white chocolate fan, you’ll love this two-toned beauty.



All Whispirit’s fabrics are handmade in New Mexico from a combination of alpaca (75%  and merino wool (25%). We use alpaca from our own herd of 40 some animals, and wool from other New Mexico and US ranchers. Most of our fabrics are needle felted by hand in our fabric design center into a very sheer silk (Silpaca) or cotton (Copaca) gauze, using an American-made piece of felting equipment, the FeltLoom. We use hand-dyed fabrics on occasion, especially those with vibrant colors.

Our black, grey, fawn, brown and white fabrics are the natural colors of our herd, which we selectively breed and raise for the most exquisite, high quality fleece. That makes them unique and one of a kind – no two runs of alpaca fabric are the same, therefore no two winter alpaca hats are, either.

We design our hats to show the creativity and craftsmanship of our designer, Sandy, and our local seamstresses. When we add embellishments of silk, wool, buttons or charms, to create specific looks, the vast majority of them are also sourced in the United States.

This commitment to local and American-made makes it possible for us to proudly proclaim that our hats and other accessories, jackets, shawls, scarves and vests are all 100% handcrafted in the USA from barn to closet. Do they cost a little more that imported, machine made garments of lesser quality? Yes, and they are worth it.


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