The Whispirit Way

Greetings from Whispirit!

We create unique, luxurious, hand-made & hand-sewn, high-quality textiles and apparel. We transform USA alpaca fibers into the highest quality felted (not knitted) alpaca fiber textiles and  wearables which we sell to discerning designers and consumers.  Our studio and workshop are located in the mountains of Central New Mexico.

It All Started With Our Alpacas

Whispirit is the product line we began from our Whispering Spirit Alpacas Ranch located in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico.  We had fallen in love with alpacas and their amazing, soft, strong and colorful fiber.  Why?  Because these USA alpacas, with the intentional feeding and breeding programs,  produce a worthy fiber that rivals that of the traditional South American alpaca fibers.

A Special Kind of Fabric

Eternal Twist

We create fabrics that startle people. Most fiber lovers believe they know what to expect when they are told that a fabric is felted.  It is bulky.  Yet ours is sheer, drapey, so unexpectedly light weight.   The secret?  The fabric is made by needlefelting a sheer silk or cotton gauze with a cobweb like batt of alpaca. We do this, without any water, using our mechanized  FeltLOOM.  This mechanized needling machine was designed, patented and produced by an ingenious farming couple in Kentucky. The FeltLOOM’s over 900 barbed needles push and pull natural fibers into a solid piece of durable, lightweight cloth.

See our gorgeous fabrics and wearable designs.

Ethical Fashion      

We are eco-friendly, sustainable and imaginative.  Whispirit is a no kill operation.   All of our business is conducted in the US and as much as possible within 30 miles of our ranch.   No patterns cut here then shipped elsewhere for assembly, either. We the owners are personally involved in every aspect of the production and we guarantee our work.

 Design and Inspiration

Whispirit is a family owned small fabric and apparel business operated by Sandy and Lee Liggett and their son Chris McMullan.  It is a part of  Whispering Spirit Alpacas LLC.

Sandy and Lee like to call themselves recovering attorneys.  They laugh at how much of their lives they have been in uncharted waters. They moved to New Mexico hoping to find encore careers that would create something new.  And, they think they have.  

Whispirit began as a dream … a whisper .. when they discovered  a mechanized way of performing a laborious needling process to create felted yardages.    Both Sandy and Lee learned different techniques to create their imaginative fabric.

Their son Chris McMullan joined Whispirit more than a year ago to help expand the artisan textile business.  Chris brings his own experienced artful eye and design inspirations.  He has already been created a thin and dramatic fabric that is gossimere-like that will be introduced to the textile world this summer.  And his artful dyeing will bring us deeper into the world of artisan textiles.

Its an exciting time to be expanding the creative textiles, with an expanding interest in USA sourced, natural and eco-friendly fabrics.

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